Dark Minneapolis


Introduction to Gus

21 Jan 2012

Marcus used “speak with dead” to talk to the corpses that were buried under Larry’s bed in the Greenway Lair. They both remember being out at a bar when they met a tall compelling man that they decided to go back to his place with. The description doesn’t match Larry. I also couldn’t find anything in the surveillance logs, which is suspicious. Somehow someone deposited bodies in our lair without us knowing anything about it. We discussed what to do with the bodies. Eventually we settled on renting a van with a fake ID and hauling the bodies to the river.

Marcus figured out how to apply tattoos that will prevent possession by demons. He also found the sister of one of the victims of the Deja Vu massacre from way back when we first started as a team who has been investigating the real events that night. She’s driven to find out about demons. Marcus offered her a position as his apprentice, which she accepted. Eerily, she’s the woman that we met in the first adventure who got cut in half (go back and read the log from that adventure).

I managed to break in to BAE systems personnel files and other business files. There doesn’t seem to be any network connection into their research arm, I can’t even find a firewall to try to break in to.

Gus is home when he’s visited by Achbishop Neinstedt of St. Paul-Minneapolis Archdiocese. The church got a request for an exorcism, the priest who went there called in about 6 hours ago and reported that he’s in over his head.

I got a call from Sloan. The Morningstar foundation is trying to maintain a good relationship with the Archdiocese. He got a request for help with an exorcism gone bad at the Savage Mansion on Lake Calhoun. Our top priority is to save Elizabeth and Donald, the kids of the family.

Gus arrived at the house, he knows where the hide-a-key is, so he heads in. He hears his sister call from the Great Room. When he gets there, first thing he sees is Donald on the floor across the room. The priest has been hung from the wall across from the windows, he’s been flayed alive. Elizabeth is drawing a runes in blood on the floor in the middle of the room. She says, “You are the champion, we’ve been looking for you for a long time.” Three large black dogs with red eyes and three hulking gray demons enter the room.

We arrive just as Gus flies out a window into the front yard. We all run in while a hummingbird flies in through the broken window to reconnoiter the area. I tried to warn the guys that it is an ambush, but it’s too late for Marcus, who ran in too impetuously and got cut off by the Demon Dogs lying in wait. He got badly mauled while missing the demon with his rune. Steve charged in at full speed, turning into a bear in mid stride, biting the neck of a demon dog and flinging it across the room, dead. It turns back to a young man in mid-flight.

Two of the big gray demons attacked Marcus, knocking him to the ground. Between the mauling that he took earlier, and the whacking from the big gray demon, he’s barely hanging on to consciousness. Gus ran in with two guns blazing and shot both of the gray demons beating on Marcus. Smith ran in and tried to shoot the bucket of blood, but missed.

Marcus managed to shake it off, reaching up from the ground and touching one of the gray demons with a rune. It poofs out of existence. My tank missed it’s shot. Gus shot both directions at once, shooting the dog that had attacked him and the gray demon. He shot the demon-dog in the back of the head, and it turned into a mid-twenties girl. Smith managed to shoot the bucket of blood with his shotgun, fountaining blood over half the room. Marcus stabbed a gray demon right in the chest, did a dramatic twirl twisting the blade in the demon’s chest. I sent the hummingbird right into the back of Elizabeth to taze her. It hit, but she didn’t go down (I may need to up the power of my tazers), instead she sent a wave of force at Smith, who did a dramatic bullet-time dodge. (Hmm, a guy named Smith who can dodge that fast) Gus ran in to punch Elizabeth in the face, but it barely seemed to register, even when Smith kicked her in the gut.

Marcus slashed the last shifter, opening a huge gash in its side. Larry the bear reached into that wound, ripping out the guts of the young woman left lying on the floor. Gus and Smith are fighting Elizabeth, pounding on her while she gives as good as she gets, but eventually she gets knocked to the ground by Steve the demon-dog. When I tried shooting her with a tranq dart, it seemed to curve around her. She yelled “Get away from me!” and sent a wave of force in all directions that everyone managed to stand against except Steve the dog. Gus elbow smashed her in the back. Marcus threw a tazer to Gus, who missed the catch. Smith ran over and pulled the curtains from the window. I sent another hummingbird in to taze her.

As Gus bent down to retrieve the Tazer from the ground, Elizabeth whacked him in the side of the head. He responds with the tazer. Smith tried to tackle her and tangle her in the curtain, but missed and managed to tangle himself in the curtain. Steve turned back to human form, pulled out his tazer, and took her out.

Marcus headed out to the van while the other guys are cleaning up the room. A stretch limo pulled up just as he’s getting to the van. Arthur Donovan gets out of the limo and says that he needs to talk to us right now. Marcus asked for healing, Arthur pulled a Harry Potter wand out and partially healed Marcus.

After loading the bodies in the van, everyone climbed into the limo with Donovan. There’s a woman in the limo, mid-fifties. I recognize her as Linda Hudson, CEO of BAE Industries. My head explodes. She tells us that she is part of the advance group of demons, but she doesn’t want the other demons to break out, because she likes her life here as it is. The keys to the lock holding back the demons are living people. There are four keys, and since each is a living thing, they have to decide of their own free will to open the lock. The keys were not quite compatible with human physiology, and they each created a different type of human hybrid creature: zombies, shifters, vampires. The fourth key created the Champion of the powers. The keys right now are Steve, Larry, and Gus. BAE has been experimenting with using human brains as processing by infecting them with the zombie virus. The only brain that hasn’t gone insane is Olivia, and she’s now the Zombie Key. Her brain is still functioning at the center of a complex computer system in BAE Systems. Linda Hudson wants us to prevent opening the door for the demons, and she’s willing to help us on the sly by giving us a thumb drive with plans for the BAE research facility in Wayzata. If she ever sees us again, she will do everything she can to kill us.

The guys take Elizabeth back to the lair, Gus pushes over his Harley to scratch it up and look like he was in an accident. He and Steve go to the hospital. Gus got treatment for his brother, while Steve walked into the blood lab (lead by me in the hospital’s network opening doors, etc). I printed the proper paperwork for him to transport 6 pints of blood out of the hospital to the printer in the blood lab. He walked out, showing the paperwork to a doctor who tried to stop him, then took a cab back to the Lair. We used the recordings from the previous time we did this ritual (guided by Itchy). At the height of the ritual, a red glow surrounded Marcus.

We called Morningstar and Gus called the Archbishop for advice on getting rid of the bodies. We decided to make a sign for “Greenway Cleaners” to put on a rental van, pull that up to the house and load them in. They took the bodies downriver from the Twin Cities to dumped them.

We all went to Dennys to talk about what we’ve learned and what happened. Gus decided to join us for now.

The next day, Susan the apprentice walks in for her daily Rune lesson and sees Gus. She briefly seems to recognize him, but apparently doesn’t.



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