Skills cost one point per level up to 5, after that teach level costs three points.

In general, skill levels indicate the following things:
0 = unskilled, untrained. May not be possible to use (at DM discretion).
1 = beginner or amateur.
2-3 = general competency
4-5 = extreme compentence, lots of study and practice.
Higher = extreme mastery. A master of Kung Fu would be in the 7-10 range.

Use to dodge attacks, climb obstacles, etc. Use either this or Crime (whichever is higher) when attempting to be stealthy. Use with Dexterity for most maneuvers. When jumping for distance, climbing, or swimming, use with Strength instead.

All arts, but pick a specialty. To create art, use Intelligence + Art. Willpower + Art for acting or storytelling, or Constitution + Art for singing. To judge art, use Perception + Art.

Intelligence + Computers mostly. Perception + Computers to diagnose problems.

Dexterity + Crime for pickpocketing, stealthy, etc. Intelligence + Crime to identify bad guys and use street contacts.

Intelligence + Doctor to treat injuries. Perception + Doctor to diagnose.

Dexterity + Driving normally. Intelligence + Driving for maintenance.

Hand Weapon
Pick a specific weapon type, like sword, axe, bow, crossbow, etc.
Dexterity + Weapon for combat. Intelligence + Weapon for Feints.

Dexterity + Guns for shooting. Aiming moves attack to end of turn, but adds the excess of a Gun + Perception roll to the shoot roll. Intelligence + Gun to clear a jammed weapon.

Intelligence + Influence to fool, scan, fast-talk. Willpower + Influence to intimidate.

Pick an area of knowledge, really specific areas of knowledge will be subject to a skill point bonus. Used with Intelligence for the most part.

Martial Art
Dexterity and Martial Art for hitting or avoiding being hit. Intelligence and Martial Art to Feint. Perception and Martial Art to counter a Feint.

Each level indicates fluency in one language, you pick which ones. When trying to decipher arcane or occult inscriptions, use Intelligence + Language.

Fix It
General handyman. Perception + FixIt for spotting a problem. Intelligence + FixIt for repairing. Dexterity + FixIt if it’s particularly fine work.

Perception + Notice to spot things. Intelligence + Notice to remember something you saw before but didn’t realize was important.

Required to know magic. Intelligence + Occultism to recognize or research supernatural name. Perception + Occultism to identify a supernatural creature. Willpower + Occultism to cast a spell or ritual that does not require innate supernatural ability.

Intelligence + Science to do stuff. Perception + Science to spot science related clues.

Depending on the nature of the sport, Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution could all be in play.

If you feel you want a skill that is not represented here, let me know and perhaps we can add it. It’s possible that it will be better represented by a Power, but it might be a better represented by a skill as well.
These skills are broad categories (the science skill in particular is a pet peeve of mine, “He’s a science guy – he knows everything about science!”). You can also choose a skill that is much more narrow — like ‘Biological Science’. In that case skill points can be applied at a discount – perhaps 2 for 1 or even more.


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