Brainiac — 4
_____+2 Intelligence. +1 to either Will or Perception. +4 to be spread out among: Computers, Knowledge, Science. -1 penalty where personal social skills are required.

Demon Hunter — 4
_____+1 to three attributes. +1 to two combat related skills. +1 to Occultism skill. 1 point Adversary drawback.

Eidedic Memory — 1
_____Can “freeze” three images in memory and bring the back perfectly.

Photographic Memory — 2
_____+1 bonus to any skill roll where memory may help, like Knowledge or Science. +1 to +3 for a roll that deals more directly with memory.

Fast Reflexes — 2
_____+5 bonus for Initiative checks to Dexterity. +1 bonus for Will tests resisting fear.

Good Luck — 1/level
_____Each level counts as a +1 to any roll, after the die is cast, per gaming session.

Hard To Kill — 1-5
_____Each level adds 3 hit points, and adds a +1 bonus to Survival. If you are gonna be in combat, this is a good one.

Occult Investigator — 4
_____+1 to any two mental attribute. +1 to Occultism skill. +1 bonus to Fear tests. Must stop when presented with opportunity to learn something, unless they make a Will check with a penalty from 0 to -10 at DM’s discretion.

Occult Library — Variable
_____Details dependent on size and quality.

Nerves of Steel — 3
____Immune to fear unless of supernatural origin, and then gets a +4 bonus to roll.

Rank (Cop/Solider) — 0-9
_____From 0 for Corporal, to 9 for General

Situational Awareness — 2
_____+1 Perception, +1 bonus to resist Crime checks against him.

Supernatural Powers

Enhanced Attribute — Variable
_____One point for +1 up to +10 for Strength and Constitution, One point up to +1 up to +5 for everything else. After that it’s five points per point increase.

Increased Hit Points — 1/level
_____Each level gets +10 Hit points.


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