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A Note: I’m using Unisystem (look it up if you are interested), altered in ways. The biggest is that the main roll is a 2d10 rather than a 1d10. If you look at the odds distribution the first 10% likelihood starts at 5 rather than 1, and the last 10% starts at 15 (or so). You can think of this as having two effects. First it’s like every roll having an effective +4, which I have corrected for with the difficulty you are trying to match against. Second it’s that you have a rare chance to do either very well or very poorly.

Basic Mechanic::

: 2d10 + Attribute + Skill
If skill doesn’t apply, then
: 2d10 + Attribute x 2
Rolls are either opposed, or are acting against a base of 13 + modifiers.

Success Levels
Used in a number of different contexts.
Amount of roll in excess of what you needed to succeed, divided by 2.

Drama Points
Experience Points
Combat Maneuvers

Starting Character Points
(This is subject to change as we work with creating characters)
Attribute Points: 15
Power Points: 10
Drawback Points: up to 5 (These add more power points)
Skill Points: 25
Drama Points: 5

Trading Power Points for Skill Points and vice/versa can be done on a character by character basis.


Main Page

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