Addiction — Variable
_____Habitual drinking/smoking: 1
_____Heaving drinking/smoking, Use of LSD: 2
_____Heavy use of LSD: 3
_____Alcoholism, Habitual use of Heroin, Barbiturates, or cocaine: 5
_____Heavy use of heroin: 6

Adversary — Variable

Dependent — 2-3
_____Relative or other that needs to stay close that makes them vulnerable.

Emotional Problems — Variable

Impaired Senses — 2
_____-3 penalty to any roll that depends on that sense.

Uglyness — 1/level
_____Subtract from any skill roll involving social interaction, except intimidation.

Bad Luck — 1/level
_____-1 penalty that can be applied to a any roll, after it is made, at the DM’s discretion, once per session.

Honorable — 1-3
_____1 Will not lie or betray friends or loved ones. Everybody else is fair game.
_____2 Always keeps word, always keeps promises. Will not betray trust. Reluctant to give word.
_____3 Strict set of elaborate code of honor. Any attempt at lying or cheating to anybody must make a skill roll at a -2 to -6 penalty. Honor code must be worked out with DM.

Mental Problems — 1-3
_____Possibilities include Cowardice, Cruelty, Delusions, Obsession, Paranoia, Phobia, Recklessness, and Zealotry. Any of which may vary from Mild to Severe to Deranged.

Obligation — Variable
____Some duty to some organization or something. Police force, family, etc.

Outcast — 3
_____-2 to Influence rolls. Attract attention of cruel or abusive characters. -1 penalty to all Notice rolls.

Physical Disability — Variable
____Possibilities include Blind (8), Missing Arm/Hand (2), Missing Leg/Foot (3), missing both arms (4), Paraplegic (4), and Quadriplegic (8).

Recuring Nightmares – 1
_____On a day following nightmares (10% chance), he suffers a -1 to all rolls.

Secret — Variable
_____Dangerous secret and hidden fact, work details out with DM.

Talentless — 2
_____-3 penalty when attempting anything artistic. Never get more than 1 Success level in artistic pursuits. This penalty applies to Influence rolls.

Vulnerable — 1/level
____1 penalty when resisting category of damange.


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