Drama Points

Hero points can theoretically be used for just about anything, at the DM’s discretion, but are generally used in five major ways.

1) Heroic Feat:
You do something extraordinary, that would normally be out of your ability. Throw a stake across the room into the vampires eye, etc. Gives yourself a +10 to a roll, before the roll. You may also add +10 to the damage of a hit, after damage reduction and multipliers. Usable once per turn.

2) I Can Do It:
You pull yourself together, by sheer will, to get back into the battle and save the day. Heal half your hit point damage, rounded up. Usable once per turn.

3) Plot Twist:
The police arrive to distract the bad guys just at the wrong time. A section of wall caves in, letting in sunlight that forces the vamps to flee. You call forth a plot twist from the DM to change the tide of the situation. This is usable once per character per session. The DM may override and say it isn’t possible in this situation, in which case you get the Drama Point back.

4) Heroic Fury:
For two Drama Points, +5 bonus to all attack actions for the duration of a fight. There must be an appropriate Role Playing provocation.

5) Heroic Return:
You’ve come back from the dead. Hey, it’s a supernatural story, it’s like a comic book.
The sooner the character comes back, the more Drama Points it costs. Coming back next campaign (Ha!) costs 1. Coming back next session costs 5. Coming back the same session costs 10. It’s possible (within limits) to work out with the DM going into Drama Point debt for this. Remember, you might come back different.

Earning Drama Points

You can buy them with experience points (See Experience points), but then your character isn’t advancing. So there is a trade off, but it’s one that is probably necessary to make.

Up to 1/session may be awarded per character for memorable in-character dialog. This award must be agreed to by both the DM and the players. Basically if something is worth putting on the quote board — but in has to be in character.

1-2 points may be awarded for significant acts of self-sacrifice (serious risk of death, or injury, or other personal loss). Not expected to happen to every character every session.

1-3 points per session for role playing participation in plots and subplots involving your characters background and/or drawbacks.

General role playing award – at the DM’s discretion – in all honesty I’m going to wait to determine how frequently I’m gonna do this, if at all.

Drama Points

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