Combat Maneuvers

Delay till end of turn, then make a 2d10 + Perception + Gun or Bow roll.
The result – 9 / 2 is added to the shot taken at the end of the turn.

Brain Shot
-4 penalty
Bash/Slash damage tripled, bullet damage quadrupled.

Break Neck
Must Grapple first.
Rolls and adds Strength and Martial, defender uses Strength and Constitution.
If attacker winds, damage is base 4xStrength bash type.

Catch Weapon
Dex + Martial, -5 on roll, must beat shooter’s roll. If fail weapon does +5 base damage.

Must Grapple first.
Rolls Str + Martial, Defender rolls Str + Con. If attacker wins, the base is (Str-1) bash damage, and def can’t breath.

Dexterity + Weapon roll at -5.
Damage multiplied by 5.

Resisted Action using Dex + Weapon at -2, or Dex + Martial at -3 against Parry.

Dex+(Acrobat,Hand Weapon, or Martial Art)
-2 if missile weapon.
Get one free/turn.

Double Jump Kick
Jump Kick on two enemies at once, -4 penalty. Each target defends normally.
Need Dex 4 or better.

Resisted Action.
Intelligence + Martial or Weapon, Resisted by Perception + Martial or Weapon.
If attacker wins, he can add success levels to his next attach.

Dex + Martial + 2. Resist with Dodge.
When grappled, victim is at -2 to actions.

Groin Shot
-3 penalty to this “called shot”.
Victim must make a willx2 roll minus double the success level of the attack, or be knocked down and be unable to do anything.

Head Butt
Dex + Martial – 2, damage 2xStr base Bash.

Jump Kick
Dex + Acrobat to get airborne.
Dex + Martial – 3 to kick the target.
Kick does 3x(Str+1) base damage bash, and get’s additional bonus from success level of first roll.

Dex + Martial – 1, damage 2x(Str+1) Bash.

Dex + Martial – 2, or Dex + Weapon – 2.
Damage is halved, but victim makes Conx2 roll penalty equal to success levels of roll, or they go down.

Melee Weapon
Dex + Weapon. Damage by weapon type.

Dex + Martial or Dex + Weapon. Thrown weapons can be parried at -2.
Arrows and crossbows at -6.

Dex + Martial 2xStr base Bash.

Str + Sports Can be dodged, but not parried.
Damage is 2xStr base bash. Can Grapple legs without rolling.

Spin Kick
Dex + Martial – 2 2x(Str+2) Base Bash.

Sweep Kick
Dex + Martial – 1, Str base Bash. Must make Dex + Acro roll or fall.

Str + Martial. If target fails to Parry or Dodge, he goes down and takes Str Base Bash.

Target Limb
-2 penalty

Through The Heart
-3 penalty

Throw Weapon
Assumes properly balanced.
Dex + Weapon – 1 Damage by weapon.

Toss Person
Must be Grappled first.
Must have Str 4 minimum.
Attacker uses a Strx2 – 4, and defender uses a Str roll. If attacker succeeds does Str base damage and is tossed and knocked down.

Wall Flip
Dex + Acro – 3, or
Dex + Martial -3
Run up wall, flip over, land behind attacker business ;)
If he get’s at least one success level, he adds a +3 bonus to his result and can apply that to all attacks against him that turn. He also ends up behind his attacker and gains initiative next turn. If he fails, he suffers his own Str bash damage and winds up prone next to the wall.

Combat Maneuvers

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