Turns – about five seconds long.
At the beginning of each turn you ask each character their intentions.
Generally determine Initiative based on Intentions and DM common sense, otherwise use D10 and add dex. — highest goes first.

To attack, roll 2d10 + Attribute + Skill.
This has to be above the Dodge roll of 2d10 + Dex + (Acrobat/Weap/Martial) (depending), if they have a dodge action available, or 13 if they don’t.
Get 1 attach and 1 defense action/turn.
Additional actions available at Dex 5, every 2 Dex (7,9,11,etc).
Each additional action carries a -2 penalty, cumulative (fourth at -4, etc).

Determined by Base Damage + Success Level.
Armor can be used to absorb damage.

Damage types
-Bash: normal.
-Slash: double after subtracting armor.
-Bullet: double after subtracting armor.

At <=10 hit points, he is at -2 to all combat rolls.
At <5><=-10 hit points, he must make a Will+Con test with a -1 penalty for every 10 points below 0. Hard To Kill provides a bonus to Survival Tests.
Without medical attention, further tests are required every minute at a -1 penalty per minute. A successful Int+Doctor roll will stabilize.


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