Susan – a mid-twenties woman with shoulder length brunette hair, in good physical condition.
She was a magic-user of some sort involved in a battle on the other side of the “Portal”.
Died attempting to escape after losing the fight, while also saving a civilian.
She was carrying Itchy.
She (alive and well, apparently) turns out to be the sister of a woman killed in the Deja-Vu massacre. She hasn’t been told about what happened at the portal. She does seem to recognize Gus. She is currently training with Marcus in Rune-Making.

Itchy – a demon imprisoned in a bowling-ball sized crystal/plastic sphere.
Says he wants to help, has given the party info on demons and their motivations.
Dodger has now officially become his “owner”, and has agreed to let him out to do an errand at least once a week.

Mary – Morningstar office receptionist.
Just-out-of-college age midwestern pair-shaped woman.
Stereotypically small-town sweet – is aware that something is going on but doesn’t seem to ask too many questions.
Has not, to date, been directly involved in any of the altercations in and around the Morningstar office.
Came to the lair late one night and sought shelter when a big robot attack happened.
Dodger pretty much left her high and dry, and she was driven apparently nearly insane.
It is later revealed she is an “Angel” who has been monitoring Earth for thousands of years, who has been inhabiting the body of Mary for over 500 years.

Sloan – Your boss at Morningstar Foundation
An overweight balding man in his mid-fifties. Carries an air of authority.
Currently entirely occupied with a subversive battle with demons attempting to occupy key positions in the Morningstar hierarchy.

Larry Ellison – founder and financial support for Morningstar Foundation.

Will & Roberta Anderson – prototypical suburban looking couple.
Previous primary contact for Morningstar operations in Minneapolis.
Missing for months. Still not found.

Betsy – Dodger’s van full of robots and control and monitoring equipment.
Not lots of room left over for the rest of you.

Elaine – pretty pert blond 25-year old woman.
Steve’s primary contact among the shifters.
Killed by detective Fredericks in the altercation outside of the shifter house.

Dr. Laura – early-sixties ER doctor at HCMC.
She has done favors for Will & Roberta in the past.
Helped you out once, but made it clear she was not comfortable doing this repeatedly.

Jennifer – Unattractive pudgy middle aged woman, cynical and bitter.
Dr. Sloan’s secretary at Morningstar. She is who you normally get if you try to contact Sloan.

Marge – pudgy butch woman, 25 years old, tattoo on left cheek.
Your contact at 911 – occasionally notifies you of suspicious calls for help.

Heartland Investigations — A private corporate security firm

BAE Systems — Heartland Investigations parent company. Does lots of ‘Black’ consulting and development for the military and the CIA.

William MitchellCEO of Heartland investigations

Linda HudsonCEO of BAE Industries
Taken over by demon.
Told them that she doesn’t want demons to win, and she is trying to help.

David Coreman – A P.I. for Heartland Investigations.
Killed via sword by Marcus Antony during an an altercation in the Morningstar office parking lot.
Turned into Zombie Master cybernetic brain, and later killed in an acid bath by Marcus.

Roger Hart – A P.I. for Heartland Investigations.
Once held captive in one of the steel vaults in The Lair.
Thinks we have a captive bear available at will….
Released after threatening him and his family if he causes trouble….

Elias Cooper – Looks just like Uncle Jesse from Dukes of Hazzard.
Mysterious pickup-driving mage. Told you he was from the Council of Mages.
Lives in Janisville.
You have been told he was once a member of the American Council of Mages, but has gone rogue.
Nearly killed and capture attempting to help the “Angel” agent kill the keys.

Detective Fredericks – Mid-thirties ‘I spent college in a frat’ looking guy.
Principal investigator for David Coreman’s murder.
Recently clued into the ‘other side’ in the altercation at the shifter house.
Undergoing therapy, mostly catatonic due to after-effects of demonic possession.

Nordling – Larry’s sire, and head vampire in New York.
Now dead, killed by demons.
He was apparently one of the keys, and on his death the key was transferred to Larry.

Karl – A vampire hunter. Killed and eaten by Larry.

Olivia – Mysterious person sending Dodger cryptic Emails.
Turns out to be Dodger’s twin sister, thought killed in a fire when they were 8.
She was converted into a cybernetic zombie master brain.
Recently regenerated back into an eight year old’s body.

Arthur Donovan – Dapper British representative of the European Council.
Wants secret to demon banishing and runes in general as well.
Giving lessons to Marcus while attempting to learn about rune magic.
Looking for ways to teach more people about rune magic.

David Childress – Demon “Progenitor” and apparent leader of a group of shifters living north of Minneapolis. Many of these shifters have been killed and their house has been burned down.

Majorca – Eastern European vampire, currently in charge of the new vampire nest at Bloomington and 26th St. Hasn’t been seen since Larry was framed for killing Nordling.

Michael Graves – Renfield assigned to Majorca.

Leroy Gillman – A representative of the Mages of the Americas. Tends to dress like he never escaped the 1950s.

Archbishop Neinstedt – Archbishop of the Minneapolis area. Knows Gus personally and respects him, even if he would rather Gus was back to full priesthood.

Nicobaud – “Angel” agent sent as an automatic response to all four keys being in proximity.
Assigned to kill the keys to spread them randomly about the populace again.

George Custer – Large bald black man, one of Marcus’s Apprentices.

Laria Torres – Short brunette brazilian, fiery. One of Marcus’s Apprentices.

Olga Andersen – Blonde Swedish attractive. One of Marcus’s Apprentices.

Phoebus Rosakis – Short hairy Greek. One of Marcus’s Apprentices.


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