Dark Minneapolis

On Demons

We were hanging around in The Lair when one of my monitoring programs went off. There was a disturbance at a strip club only a few blocks away and it involved hulking demon guys. Steve and Marcus dashed off to dispell some demons. I sent Rex. While they barged in the front door guns blazing (so to speak), I picked the lock on the back door and sent a series of hummingbird drones to check the back rooms.

Carnage ensued until a bad guy threatened to kill all the young women they had collected if we didn’t back off. If I remember right, there was massive loss of life among the hostages and the bad guy turned into a mist or wraith or something and escaped. There was a shape-shifter with the demon. Steve fought him to a standstill. This will be important later.

Later, we were out and about running errands or something and someone tried to shoot me with a sniper rifle from an alley. Also one of my drones went crazy, like someone else was controlling it. Not good. The sniper ran before we could catch him. We decided to add surveillance cameras all around the building that The Lair is built under.

Some shifters showed up and tried to recruit Steve to join their pack. He went out to their place in the exurbs and hung with them for an evening while Marcus and I cooled our heels in the van. We learned that the shifters were the result of demon/human breeding way back in the dimness of time, and therefore they work for the demons. Steve apparently is not evil, but we should probably keep an eye on him.

Again we got attacked when arriving back at the lair. Carnage ensued that I’m not remembering right now, and we captured one of the bad guys and put him in a cell to interrogate later. There were also drones from someone else that looked pretty sweet. I’ll have to look into that.

The first gathering

Four of us were traveling along Hiawatha, each intent on our own business. Suddenly a great roiling field of smoke, lightning and strange lights appeared on the rails in front of the light rail train. A portal opened and the train crashed into it. A significant chunk of the train was sheered off, killing and hurting several people and knocking out all of the people on the train. All traffic along Hiawatha stopped immediately.

I sent out a small swarm of robots to investigate the area, Marco (John) drove his Mustang up onto the grass and dashed in to help people, Larry (Sumner) and Steve (Scott) were knocked out for a while. There were 7 foot tall hairless hulking humanoid monsters trying to haul off young women. Marco, Larry, and Steve started fighting the hulking monsters trying to save people. I noticed a fight happening off in the distance in wherever the portal went between what looked like a group of humans and a group of demons.

The monsters managed to take two women through the portal as the fight went badly for the humans beyond the portal. Marco managed to banish two of the hulking creatures and between the three of them they managed to kill two others. A woman from the fight beyond the portal ran to the portal in great bounds and opened it from the other end long enough to let one of the captured women escape. Before she could get out herself it closed and cut her in half. She gasped out “Tell Gus he was right” before dying. She had a sphere with a demon inside on her.

We joined forces to try to hunt down the hulking creatures that had escaped. Marco discovered that the demon in the sphere can talk. It claims to be willing to help us and told Marco that the demons want to steal young women to breed half-demon/half-human hybrids that can’t be banished.

A few days later we each received an invitation to the Morningstar Foundation. It is a foundation founded by Larry Ellison a few years ago that provides free legal services to indigent people. I did some investigating and found that almost half of their expenditures are not well accounted for in the IRS filings. When we went to talk to them, they offered us the use of a facility in the Warehouse District and employment in the Morningstar Foundation to investigate paranormal activities.

Here endeth the first episode of “Dark Minneapolis”

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