Steve Reynolds

Young shifter looking to do more with his life.


Steve is young (20 yrs) shifter. He grew up in foster homes around the cities and has been on his own for a number of years after running away in mid-teens. He discovered he was a shifter at puberty (which is typical) and kept it a secret. His go-to animal is a golden retriever (the pet his foster family had when he was 13). He can shift into other animals after he’s studied them some. Due to the time he’s spent in dog form his sense of smell while in human form is approaching that of a dog. He’s only used his shifting ability defensively, to run away or hide or spy on people.

He’s been disappointed with his life so far. He dropped out of high school and got his GED. He was always getting in trouble getting in the middle of fights (to break them up). He wants to go to college but can’t see how to afford it. He knows he’s meant for bigger and better things. He’s been hearing about some strange crimes happening in city parks and wonders if he should try to do something about it.

He was on board the light rail recently when an event happened and he used his abilities to save people. It was a new experience for him and he felt good afterwards. He met some unusual people in the process. He thought he was the only person who was “not normal” but now has found several. The light rail incident was very shocking to him and he thinks there must be some great evil out there and he’s not going to let it invade our world. However, he does still need to pay rent and really wants an education.

Steve Reynolds

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