"Dodger" Lindberg

Wheelchair-bound hacker with authority issues


Dodger is moderately known in hacker circles. He’s very careful to keep under the radar of authorities, and that often means staying under the radar of other hackers. While he has used his skills for personal gain, he more often will break into systems just for the experience.

When Oliver was 9 years old, he was in a fire that killed his twin sister, Olivia, and parents and left him burned over most of the lower part of his body. He can walk, but it is painful and he usually uses a wheelchair. He was really into robot fighting for a while, but now finds them amateurish. He now develops and builds new robots to help him experience the world. He even managed to steal a Boston Robotics “Big Dog” and has reverse engineered and improved it.

"Dodger" Lindberg

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