Dark Minneapolis


Beauty and the Beast

Dark Mpls Log 2012-05-04

The police investigated the “bus accident” outside our office. The lead investigator told us that Det. Fredericks is back on duty and slowly getting back into full duty. Gus needed to think about the implications of an angel trying to kill him and heads out to see his family. Larry heals from his wounds quickly, but he’s starving, so he heads out with his game face on.

Marcus patched up Elias so he wouldn’t die on us, then talked to him. Elias thinks he can convince the Keys that the noble thing to do is to die and disperse the Keys. I try to communicate with the Angel in the circle by playing the Close Encounters communicating with aliens scene. It didn’t work.

Smith showed up. He’s missing an ear. He told us that all of the offices are being attacked one by one. They need Marcus to help fight them.

Olivia came out of the vault. She’s hungry. She has grayish skin, pointy teeth, and little tiny horns on her forehead. She’s really hungry, so I hacked into the city morgue computer and found a John Doe corpse that was finished with the autopsy. I marked it as ready to ship out to a mortuary and printed up van signs and paperwork for Greenway Mortuary so that the guys could pick up the body.

While Steve and Marcus are out getting a body, Olivia got a little too hungry and started after Smith. I got her to stop. Steve, in an inspired bit of patter convinces the guy at the morgue that Greenway is a new company. They brought the body back and Olivia ate about 1/2 of it. How that fit into an 8 year old size body is anybody’s guess.

Arthur Donovan, Leroy Gillman, and four more people showed up at the door. They want Marcus to take on the four apprentices for training. Marcus’s new apprentices: George from Detroit, Laria from Brazil, Olga from Sweden, Febus from Greece. He’s going to be a busy guy.

Marcus gave Elias to the Wizard’s Guild people to take away so we don’t have to worry about him any more. Marcus gave his students my apartment to stay in. He spent the next day training the new students.

About 6 pm, we are sitting around the conference table enjoying an adult beverage when Olivia comes out and apologizes to smith for trying to eat him. She’s learning to talk again, but finding the process long and difficult. She managed to have a conversation about how difficult this process is, but she knows that people have, in the past, lived with the curse without killing people or spreading the zombie plague.

About 9 pm I get an email from Harkow Moving and Storage in Coon Rapids: “Need help. Come loaded. Mary” I sent an email back asking to talk to her. She replied with “Don’t let the Demons hear. Meet me there.” There’s a big complex of self-storage garages. She tells us that there’s some form of energy affecting the lock and key system. There are multiple sources of this energy. She knows that there is a source for this energy in a large storage building, but it’s shielded against angels. I hacked in to find out that the whole building has been rented by CROS. I am able to hack into the security system for the outside doors, so I add a key code for the guys to get in.

There have been shipments to this warehouse of medical supplies and recreational supplies. All the windows have been blacked out. I sent a spider to cut a hole in the window and found that the windows have been boarded up. When I drilled a hole in the board, someone inside was calling out for help. They finally went into the hallway and my spider picked the lock for the stairs. Everyone made their way upstairs and found a small room with four cots, three people, one looks like a drooling vegetable, the other two seem slightly insane. The next room is similar, with two drooling vegetables and two slightly insane people. The next room is actually a balcony overlooking a two story tall work area: it’s a scene from a nightmare. The light is tinged red with a blood-filled hot tub in the middle of the room. There are people hanging from chains over the hot tub with IVs draining blood from their arms into the pool of blood. There seems to be a shimmer coming from the blood flow.

The bad guys immediately spotted Marcus on the balconey. He ran out. My hummingbirds reported that three big gray demons conferred with a hot redhead and then they all headed out of the room. After some panic, Steve went into the room with the blood tub to try to save the people there. The Hot Chick opens the door at one end of the hall, saunters toward Marcus and says “look at you. I could just eat you up.” Marcus gets insanely angry at Smith and tries to kick him down the stairs. Smith managed to dodge.

The three gray demons came up the stairs followed by . . . “I just realized that no one can see it!” says the DM. That doesn’t sound good at all.

Marcus and Smith start wrestling. Steve rescues the guy hanging over the blood tub, then turns into a dog and runs up the stairs. I sent a hummingbird to try to taze the hot chick. Missed. Smith was able to get through to Marcus, who snapped out of it. Smith took out one of the gray demons and got a look at what is behind them: a being 4 times the size of a normal human, gray and misshapen with huge arms that can barely fit in the hallway. It’s practically crawling. The hot chick takes a long look at Smith and induces massive panic in him. Steve the bear is now behind demon Hulk and he takes a bite out of it. He finds out that it smells exactly the same as the hot chick.

I sent a hummingbird in and unerringly zapped the hot chick with the tazer. When she was zapped, the two gray demon jumped. Marcus used the opening to stab her. She’s unhappy. The demon hulk gets it’s bulk turned around to menace Steve. The Hot Chick yells “begone!” and sends a wave of force to squish Marcus. Marcus dodges, but Smith takes it full on. It has no effect on him. When Marcus tries to banish her, nothing happens but she laughs at him and says “Mom says Hi, by the way. We’re not through with her yet.”

Marcus tries to drag Smith down the stairs while Alpha Dog shot Hot Chick in the chest with a shotgun shell. It’s power seemed to dissipate some before hitting her, but it did stagger her and put her off her game. She backed off and sent the two gray demons after Alpha dog, who took some damage, but took out the thug with a shotgun slug.

Steve managed to find a sledge hammer in the main room and used it to knock a hole in the hot tub. Hot chick is on the balcony and says “My sister will take care of you!” (ta dum!) to Steve. That apparently turns Steve on big time. He’s smitten.

Alpha Dog manages to dodge down the stairs and runs for it. Steve flies up to the Hot Chick and tries for second base, but she grabs his hand and looks deeply into his eyes. Whatever he saw there shocked Steve out of his hormonal haze and he turns to a bear and tries to whack her. He missed.

Marcus, running in to save Steve, runs straight into a gray thug. He touches it with a rune and it poofs out of existence. My hummingbird shoots Hot Chick in the neck with a tranq dart, but she still doesn’t go down. She’s one tough mother. Steve takes a bite, trying to take her face off. She blasts him from both hands, hammering him from two directions. That had to hurt.

Marcus and Smith rush onto the balcony and Smith misses with a roundhouse kick, just as she breaks free, yells “Sister!” and throws a smoke bomb to the ground. Everything is obscured in the smoke. Steve the bear misses while a tranq dart hits her. She’s getting a ride from Hulk down from the balcony, which I can see on IR.

We all managed to get out of the building, including Hulk carrying Hot Chick. As soon as they leave the building, Mary says “now I’ve got you!” and runs after Hulk. She shoots Hulk in the back with white fire, taking it down, then concentrates white fire on it until it’s burned to a crisp.

Hot Chick is semi-conscious at best.



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