Dark Minneapolis


Angel on my shoulder

10 February 2012
A day and a half have passed since the attack at the mansion. Gus’s sister has not mentally recovered. She seems to be fine physically, but is catatonic. As soon as Gus comes to the Lair for the first time, he sees Larry, yells “Vampire,” grabs a conference chair and starts heading for Larry. Larry does some kind of mental mumbo-jumbo, but it doesn’t do any good. The others try to stop Gus while I wheel into the vault to get out of the way. We had a discussion about whether vampires are demons and other lore.

We spent a long time trying to figure out a plan to break into the isolated lab.

A few days later, as I’m at the Greenway Lair building a shaped bomb, Sloan, Arthur Donovan, and a woman show up at the Warehouse District Lair. They want to be tattooed with Marcus’s anti-demon rune. Apparently key members of the San Francisco office and several offices have been taken over by demons, and the organization needs to have Marcus tattoo people regularly. Sloan mentioned that San Francisco and New Orleans are off-line.

Sloan sets me up with military grade encryption so that we can talk to him privately. I gave him an earpiece.

On Sunday night, I called the front door guards and sent them to a conference room while spoofing the cameras. I routed them to an empty office that abuts the secret lab area. Meanwhile, I lured the two guards to another conference room with the excuse that there’s a bird loose there. Smith, Gus, and Larry lurked in that conference room with tasers while Steve fluttered around as a bird. One of the guards went down easy, the other took some damage before going down. The third guard sent into the room turned out to be a demon who sent a wave of force that knocked Gus and Steve the bird flying across the room. Larry showed off some new moves by slamming the guy into the wall with his mind, leaving a guy shaped impression in the wall. After a while, the guard was able to break free from Larry’s mental hold enough to punch at Gus and Smith, but they beat him down until Smith snapped his neck with a roundhouse kick. Marcus arrived and pulled out his sword and chopped off the head of the dead guy. The other three guards went down much smoother.

Finally we had the bomb set up and all of the guards dispatched. The guys moved into another room and set off the explosive. The bomb didn’t break all the way through, so Gus grabbed the sledgehammer and started whacking through the second layer of cinderblock. The room on the other side of the hole is a cube farm. I lose control of my hummingbirds as soon as they go into the area. Marcus says to the hummingbirds “we’re here to save you!” The hummingbirds start off toword the other side of the building as lights turn on in a path that way. They pass through a lab with monkeys, another lab with a human body being vivisected and into a lab with lots of computers. There’s a black sphere embedded in a wall of computers and another one on a table. The sphere on the table is plugged into several computers, and is the one that is trying to block me. Marcus starts unplugging the computers hooked up to the sphere on the table and a speaker started babbling in a familiar artificial voice “you did this to me! I hate you! You’ll all die!” Marcus finished unplugging the sphere and the interference cleared up on the network in the lab area.

I started IMing with Olivia. There was sudden interference in the room, that suddenly clears and a bright light appears that says in garbled Latin: “Action is triggered. he has called happens to us. But look for the keys. We terminate here.” The ball of light leaves the room and heads out through the hole that we made. As soon as the ball of light got to the lobby, it ran into a demon SWAT team consisting of a few demons, a bunch of gray demons, and two Raytheon exoskeletons. The white light and the demon squad immediately start fighting.

There’s a cage in the corner with four zombies chained to a wall saying “hungry” in creepy zombie voices. Gus says “is this a mercy killing situation?” Marcus says "this is a “burn it to the ground situation.” So they find a janitors closet, splash the zombies with caustic fluids, and light it on fire. The team blew a hole in the back wall of the lab while I drove the van around to pick them up. Marcus picked up the Coreman sphere on the way out. We all converged back at the Warehouse District Lair where I started working on an interface for Olivia. As soon as I got her hooked up to a computer, she began to expand to take over all computing power available to her.

Marcus took the Coreman sphere to the Greenway lair, he cut it open, and out popped a brain that had been suspended in a wire cage. As soon as it hit the floor, the brain stem started growing and a skull started growing over the brain. Marcus dropped it in the barrel of acid that he had standing by there.

Itchy heard us debriefing, and revealed that the white ball of light is an “angel.” He showed us a couple of symbols that could contain an angel and another that could protect us. I asked Olivia to do a search on the symbols. Apparently the only places that these have been found before are in ancient tombs and crypts in Europe.

The next morning, theres a knock on the door. It’s a 63 year old mechanic from N. Minneapolis whose wife died a couple of months ago and whose kids are out of town. He says through the intercom that he needs help and heard that we could help him. As the guys ask who he is and what he wants, he says “right, I’ll need to take care of this.” He blew the front doors off of the building, calmly walked to the stairs and ripped the lock right out of the door, walked down the stairs and said “which of you are the keys? You will be terminated.” It tells us that an automatic termination order was issued when the four keys came in proximity so that the keys would disperse.

Marcus handed the guy a rune of banish outsider and then invoked it as soon as the old guy picked it up. There was a brief moment where the old guy was leaning against the wall saying “where am I?” before Marcus was shoved back forcefully, smacked by a force. The anti-angel rune drawn on the wall is now smoking. Gus pulled out an assault weapon and fired full auto at him, the bullets seemed to turn to smoke before hitting the guy, but they did seem to stagger him a bit. The rest of the team shoots him, whacks him, and otherwise tries to get him while he punches telekinetically at Gus, leaving a dent in the wall. The only thing that seems to actually hurt him is Marcus’s sword, which draws blood when he blocks the thrust. The angel says “this is not acceptable” and melts Marcus’s sword with a beam of light. Steve in Bear form tries to shove the conference table at him, but he dodges. Larry tries to pin him against the wall telekinetically, but he pushes back against against Larry, slamming him into the wall.

Marcus gets hit in the side of the head, thrown across the room unconscious. Steve the bear grabs the guys wounded arm and rips it off at the elbow. Smith kicked the old guy in the stomach, taking him out as a bright light rose up the stairwell.



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