Dark Minneapolis


Ghost Story

The city is still reeling from the terrible outbreak of “flu” in Eagan. It made national news. Larry got a call from Michael Graves to tell him that Nordling is in town to administer his punishment for dusting those vampires in the alley. He was taken to the basement of the Bloomington Ave house, chained to a wall opposite a bleeding man, and then turned on a sun lamp, causing him intense pain, but not strong enough to kill him.

Meanwhile, back at the Lair, Marge called to tell us that a 911 call saying “Tell Morningstar that Larry’s going to need help” came in, so Steve and Marcus took the van to Bloomington Ave in front of the house. After about 1/2 an hour, Nordling came in to make sure Larry understood what the fight is about. He said that if the demons break out of prison, all vampires would become mortal. There are keys, and . . .

Suddenly the Renfields with Nordling got black eyes and one of them dusted Nordling with a wooden stake. The Renfields let Larry go, one of them killed himself and the other ran upstairs yelling that Larry killed Nordling. Steve and Marcus (who know what’s going on because Larry was wearing a comm unit) ran into the house from the van, Marcus yelling “Demons!” while Steve is in bear form. Larry slammed the door shut and tried to blockade it to prevent the vampires coming down the stairs. Steve tore the air return vent from the wall and then turned into a ferret to scurry into the air ducts while Larry ripped the boards off the basement window and Marcus fended off the vampire and Renfields in the living room.

Marcus shoved his “Touch of Ra” into the vampire who just grabbed him and triggered it (think sunlight laser). Steve made it to the basement through the air ducts and shut the door behind the vampires and Renfields who piled in to the room that Larry just exited through the window. I had Big Dog outside the basement window shoot the Vampire attempting to climb out after Larry. In the big tangle of Vampire and Marcus in the living room, the demon-infested Renfield managed to shoot Freddie the vampire and dust it. Larry managed to tackle the Renfield with the automatic weapon, while Marcus tried to tackle the demon-infested one. The demon-infested Renfield suddenly killed himself and the black smoke rose through the ceiling. Larry managed to subdue the Renfield in the living room and zip tie his hands.

Larry tried calling Michael Graves, who is now locked in the basement with all of the other vampires and Renfields. They are convinced that Larry is heretical and evil. I guess they won’t be helping us any time soon.

We went to Denny’s to recuperate.

A couple of days later, Steve is running an errand when a young woman, Margery Williams, came to the office. She works at the Wabasha caves and is convinced that the caves are haunted. Margery has seen a scruffy man in a overalls who appears out of nowhere, tells her to “go away” then disappears. Some of her co-workers have seen a girl who says “make it stop.” She told her pastor at CROS, who suggested that she see us. Also, a security guard was found dead. According to police reports, he was hanging from a hook in the ceiling with his throat cut and ritualistic drawings in the blood on the floor.

The team headed to the caves after hours. They checked around and found the delivery entrance. The door is set into the natural sandstone walls, so there are imperfections that the guys are able to enlarge big enough to send the Steve the ferret into. When they pull the van into the cave and get out, Larry and Steve both smell fresh blood. They found a natural cave with police tape around it. In the middle is hanging Margery upside down with her throat cut. Marcus took out his camera to take pictures of the runes on the floor when suddenly a middle-aged man in dirty dungarees appeared and yelled “you don’t belong here! Get out!” and pushed at them with apparent telekinetic force.

I called Det. Fredericks, but he’s apparently had a psychotic break or nervous breakdown and is on medical leave. His nurse won’t let me talk to him, and when I told her it was Dodger she hung up on me. I ended up calling 911
(apparently from a phone booth) and reporting the murder.

A sixteen year old girl in an old-fashioned nightshirt appeared to Marcus and pleaded “make it stop.” Marcus fired questions at her, but she didn’t respond. Steve smelled ozone. The guys decide to leave before the cops arrive until tomorrow when they can come back with more arcane detection gear.

Meanwhile, I did some research. Quinten Foster, a 1940s maintenance worker at the Wabasha Caves was a Satanist who beat two men to death with a fire poker after hanging a woman from her heels and draining her blood out. The police killed him on the spot. The young woman was Eleanor Emerson, and the two men were Emory and Frederick Hastings. Quinten was buried in an unmarked grave in the courthouse yard. The graves in that yard were later moved to Emmanual Cemetery in Inver Grove Heights. Eleanor and the brothers were buried in the Riverview Cemetery.

That night, we went back to the caves. There are police in a van staking out the front doors. As we were talking about what to do, the police in the van burst out and ran into the caves. Someone on the inside had called for backup. Marcus, Steve, and Larry in dog form rush in after them. They are freaking out the cops by bickering about how to help, when Eleanor appears and says “Make it stop!” The cops freak out and shoot right through Eleanor. Quinten appeared, yelled “get out!” and knocked Marcus and one of the cops across the room. The cop was knocked out. The other two cops start dragging the knocked out one out and made Marcus and Larry go with them. Marcus and Larry gave the cops an incredible amount of crap while not actually resisting arrest. Marcus dropped a darkness rune and he and Steve scarpered.

Marcus talked to the last living relatives of the two brothers and of Eleanor. They also went to Riverview Cemetery and found nothing unusual. They then went to Emmanuel Cemetery and checked out the unmarked graves. Nothing unusual there.

Apparently, the way to get rid of ghosts is to salt their bones and then burn them. So that night, Larry, Steve, and Marcus go out to Riverview Cemetery to get rid of those ghosts.

Meanwhile, back at the Lair, three black vans pull up and out jumps a bunch of men, the power armor that attacked me in the past, and a bunch of hummingbird drones. I tasked Itchy with glitching the power armor if it made it to the main room of the lair. When he yelled that he needs blood, I told him that he could get blood from the men upstairs. I then went into the vault/panic room and locked myself in. There were lots of screams, terrible rending noises, etc.

When the guys got back, they found the elevator completely torn apart, Mary sobbing in the cage, and me still safe in the vault. Itchy is worn out and needs rest.

Steve and I went back to the Greenway Lair. Steve showed me that there are two bodies buried in Larry’s underground chamber there. We called Marcus, who will try to speak with dead to find out what happened to them.

Submitted by Dodger.

PS: Overall, I think that “they” are out to get me. It’s not paranoia if you’ve been targeted 3 times by nasty black helicopter types and spooky power armor.



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