Dark Minneapolis


Zombies are popular now, too.


Mr. Smith from the Home office came to check up on us. He warned us about a zombie outbreak in Eagan.

He told us some background about zombies. They are dead and magically animated by a virus. If you get bitten, you could get infected. If you are infected, you get flu-like symptoms that are very contagious and if you die you will become a zombie. Apparently, there was a big outbreak in Cleveland in the 60s. There are also zombie masters who are hard to tell apart from normal people.

Larry, Steve, Marcus, and Smith piled in the van to make a Home Depot run. They got a chainsaw, axes, a propane torch, respirator masks and plastic body suits. At Walmart they bought shotguns, 2 gas cans, mason jars rags, and gas. I investigated while they shopped: a police call came in that someone was trying to break into the house, when the cops arrived two of them were eaten and the third is hiding out in his car. While the guys were driving down 35E, more cops arrived and killed one of the zombies, but there are now 4 cops down and another 2 in their cars and 2 active zombies. The cops are mobilizing the SWAT team.

The guys pull up and Marcus and Steve jump out of the car in their plastic painter’s gear with respirators on, Larry is in his full-sun protection outfit with a chainsaw, and Smith relaxes against the side of the van. Marcus immediately slices the head off a 13-year-old boy (who happens to be a zombie) and nonchalantly flicks the blood from the end of his sword. Larry engages a middle-aged woman with his chainsaw and takes off her arm. Steve blew her head off with a shotgun, splattering blood everywhere over the cop cars.

Smith convinced the cops to get out of the car. Marcus told them we are from the CDC. We called Sloan, who this once actually answered the phone when I called. He said that the real CDC is on the way, they are clued in and will take care of it when they get here.

The zombies were from the house across the street, a mom and two kids. The father of the family is Glen Redfern, a senior researcher at BAE systems. Marcus, Larry and Steve went to investigate the house across the street. The house is a little messy and obviously was where people were ill. I broke into the BAE payroll systems and found out that Glen had called in sick for two days, but returned today.

While checking the other houses on the block, Marcus found out that there are several people sick in the neighborhood who have fallen ill since the Thanksgiving Fair. In one particular house, he found that the mom has been sick for a day.

Glen Redfern arrived, asking about his family. When I used an IR lens, I realized that he’s ambient temperature. Smith totally screwed up when trying to calm him down and he freaked out. He suddenly raised his arms above his head and the team heard screams from several houses. Suddenly zombies started coming from houses all around the neighborhood. Steve and Larry were canvassing the neighborhood and are several houses away. They start running back to the van to get shotguns while I fire up Big Dog.

After a short, confused Meelee, Redfern ran down the block to join 5 zombies while a zombie each take on Smith and Marcus. 7 more zombies are incoming, and I can see probably 20 more in the neighborhood. There are a bunch coming into the 4 block area that the SWAT team cordoned off.

Sloan called to yell about alarms going off everywhere. There are now at least 30 zombies moving in. I had Big Dog jump onto Redfern, put his shotgun to Redfern’s head and fire while the rest of the crew jumped into the van and started making molotov cocktails.

I hacked On Star and opened a nearby SUV for the two cops to take refuge. Marcus drove right over Redfern, who is growing back his head, while Smith dumped gas through the floor hatch on him, then hit it with the propane torch. The zombies are now all in a group and are working together to try to knock over the van. When Redfern goes up in flames, the zombies all piled on him and put the flames out with their bodies. Larry made molotov cocktails and handed them to Steve who threw them on the big pile of zombies around Redfern. Eventually, the giant hog-pile of zombies burned up.

An hour later, the CDC and National Guard arrived. They put everyone in quarantine, tested them all for the virus, and confiscated all our stuff. The guys were stuck in quarantine for 3 days. David, the head of the CROS church in White Bear Lake, showed up and tried to sow discord by talking to Steve.



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