Dark Minneapolis


A bigger Picture

2 weeks have passed. We investigated the Vampire house from several weeks ago. The house has been sold recently at a loss. We investigated the owner, called him on his mobile phone, and found out that he seems to be someplace in Minneapolis.

Marge from the 911 center called. There’s a gang breaking into a house at Broadway and 26th. They are wearing “monster costumes.” When we get there, it appears to be a battle between 4 guys with automatic weapons in the house and 5 vampires with their game faces on fighting 2 humans and a bunch of demons in the yard. There are some cops hiding out in their cars. The humans fighting the vampires seem to be super-human, with some kind of TK ability. We decided to watch the action. At first, the vampires seem to be losing, one of them gets dusted, while two of the renfields are taken out. But then one of the humans gets sucked dry and the other takes several shots to the head. The demons seemed to lose the will to fight when the humans go down. At the end, there’s two vampires and one renfield alive and the last demon goes lumbering, injured, down the street. We follow the demon while leaving surveillance on the house.

The demon goes into an empty house, ripping the door right off. Larry, Steve, and Marcus followed the demon into the house, following the trail of ichor drops that it has left on the floor. When Larry followed it into another room, he didn’t notice it lurking against the wall next to the door. The demon whacked him on the head with it’s great gray ham-fist. Steve the dog slithered in and took a bite out of demon while Larry recovered from getting whacked and Marcus covered the door. It went down with one bite.

Meanwhile, the vampires and renfields efficiently cleaned up the bodies and took them into the house. They started boarding up the windows on the house. Marcus, Steve, and Larry recovered the demonic body from the house that it had fled to, took it back to the vampire house, and tried to give it to them as a “housewarming gift”. Majorca, an eastern European vampire babe that Larry recognized from NY, invited them in and had the body taken away. Apparently, big things are happening in Minneapolis, and Nordling wants a Vampire presence in the area to fight the demons. She delivered an ultimatum to Larry because he was involved in the deaths of two vampires several weeks earlier: “Either leave Minneapolis forever, or apologize and submit to punishment and resume a leadership role in the vampiric hierarchy.” Larry chose to take his punishment.

Michael Graves, Majorca’s “protector” gives us his phone number, so we can stay in contact with the vampires.

Det. Fredericks showed up and asked a bunch of questions about demons. He grilled Marcus about how demons are banished and detected. We showed him some video of fights with demons. Itchy was going nuts in the vault, so I brought him out into the room. He told us that Fredericks was a demon just as Fredericks got into the elevator. I locked him in the elevator while Marcus went upstairs and sent Mary (the receptionist) home and closed the blinds. Fredericks tore through the top of the elevator and started prying open the doors to the lobby. Marcus stabbed through the gap with his katana, but Fredericks was floating in the air across the shaft using some kind of telekinetic power to pry open the doors. His eyes were completely black. After fighting Marcus and Steve (in bear form) for a while, he was doing some serious damage to the two of them. Finally, Marcus used a flash-bang rune that knocked out both demon-Fredericks and himself. Steve zip-tied Fredericks and started carrying him down the stairs, when he woke up and started shooting blasts of telekinetic force while also floating up and away from Steve. As Steve was dragged along on tip-toes, being somehow not affected by the blasts from the demon-Fredericks, Marcus bonked him on the head and Larry leapt up to grapple with him.

All the broken glass in the room began flying around and trying to embed in people. Steve and Larry were getting pretty beaten up when Marcus finally hit him with a tazer and knocked him out. We dragged him downstairs and tossed him into the magic circle. Steve talked to the police and told them about the bomb threat and explosion and the fire investigators looked at crack patterns, scorch marks, etc.

Itchy would only tell us the ritual for banishing the demon if one of us became his official owner. I volunteered. There were several hours of boring mumbo jumbo that included drawing 3 pints of blood from me and Marcus. yuck.

The police and investigators were insisting on getting down the stairs and elevator. Steve called headquarters and talked to Jennifer. They climbed down the elevator shaft and spent time speculating about the blown up roof of the elevator until they got a call telling them to back off.

I made a deal with Itchy that he’d tell us how to keep from getting possessed and in return I would let him out of his ball at least once every two weeks. The first task that I gave him was to nurse Det. Fredericks back to health. He disappeared from the ball, and a red nimbus whisked Fredericks upstairs to my apartment.

The next day, Fredericks woke up. He says he remembers everything and wants to go home.

Elias Cooper showed up. I wouldn’t let him into our lair, so I called Marcus to come and deal with him. Marcus told him to get lost. Elias said that the demons want to destroy all magic. He said that all magic is a side-effect of the wards keeping the demons in their plane. If the demons win, all magic will stop working. He claims that the “angels” and “demons” had a war, the angels won and trapped the demons using super-powerful wards. Marcus told him to get lost, that he doesn’t trust Elias. Elias gave a cryptic warning before leaving.

Just after dark Arthur Donovan and some dude who looks just like Fonzi shows up, he’s Leroy Gillman, a representative of the Mages of the Americas. Arthur will be staying in my apartment for the next two weeks while teaching Marcus magic and learning about runes.



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