Dark Minneapolis


Moving out

Larry distrusted the Morningstar people, and doesn’t like to hang with humans anyway, so he has been absent for several days. As he’s walking through NE, he hears a muffled scream from a dark alleyway between apartment buildings. There are three college girls, two of which are down on the ground and the third is being assaulted by vampires. One of the vampires recognizes Larry. From the discussion, we learned that they are on some kind of mission here. Larry has been assigned to this area by “Nordling,” but hasn’t done anything with it. Steve rolled up on his Vespa of Doom to save the day . . . beep beep!

As the vampires are distracted by Steve and his Vespa of Doom, a figure sneaks up and stakes Kevin the Vamp through the back, but misses vital organs. Karl the Vampire Hunter also manages to fling a cool shiny dagger at Joe the Vamp and kill him, but Kevin was able to grab Karl after some “interaction” with Steve the bear. Frenchy and Larry go at it: there’s kicking, stabbing, strangling, biting and other unpleasantness that should not be named. Steve the bear gives Kevin a good whack, letting Karl escape. In the end, Kevin ran away followed by Karl, Joe and Frenchy were dusted.

Marcus sums up: He’s wanted for murder, someone is trying to kidnap me, the NY vamp ganstas are after Larry, and Steve might be a demon-lover. We need someplace to hole up. We ended up at Larry’s bachelor pad above Minneapolis Casket Co.

Elaine (the shifter) showed up and knocked on the door at the original Lair.

I got an email from Olivia telling me “They are doing it to Coreman. I think he’s insane. They are sending him after Marcus. Be careful.”

We bought a van of the same make and model as Betsy. We switched license plates and vin numbers, then Steve took the generic van to park around the corner from our Lair. Arthur Donovan, the dapper British guy, approached Steve on the street and asked him if he was an acquaintance of Marcus. When asked about Elias Cooper, he said that we are in a great deal of danger. Instead of giving Steve a business card, he gave him a ruby worth a lot of money and says that we can contact him through it. Steve buried the ruby in the park before heading to Larry’s Pad in a roundabout fashion.

The cops showed up to search our Lair and the bait van that we left for them. When a tech touched the magic circle on the wall that Elias drew, it went off and knocked out the video feed. We heard lots of gunfire and screaming before we lost the feed. I sent a copter to watch the building. There was much mayhem, blood, bandaging, etc. The CSI tech who touched the circle is not among those in the parking lot. There is a Missing Persons report out for the Charlie, the CSI tech.

We rented a couple of new safehouses / lairs: One on the greenway, 7000 square feet near Nicollet and Lake with space suitable for a body shop that we can drive the van into. Another 3000 sqft space with multiple garage doors and a yard with privacy fence on Penn Ave just south of the Crosstown. I ordered equipment and materials and charged them to the Morningstar foundation.

Sloan told us that Elias Cooper is from the American Council and hates the Europeans (represented by Arthur Donovan). Marcus met with Arthur Donovan and learned that Elias has been kicked out of the American Council. He’s apparently a Bad Seed. The Europeans would like to study the scrolls and are willing to teach Marcus basic magic stuff. We printed a copy of the demon banishing scroll for them.

Apparently, the Europeans have a rule about not “interfering” with normals, while the Americans think that it’s okay to use their powers to influence mundane events. There was a magic war.

Sloan called and told us to talk to Det. Fredericks. We called him and arranged a meet at Joe’s Garage next to Loring Park. I stayed in the van and blanketed the area with surveillance, Larry and Marcus met up with Fredericks on the patio. Marcus went in to the police station, gave a statement that we were attacked, he fended the attackers off with his sword, and was shot in the chest. Fredericks threw him in a holding cell for the night. He let Marcus go the next morning.

Meanwhile, Steve went to have coffee with Elaine, the shapeshifter. He went back to the shifter house with her and met up with a “Progenitor.” Steve spoke to David, a charming, smooth demon: They just want to come back to Earth and live in peace and harmony like they did before the big war with another outsider race that we might recognize as “angels.” They need blood for their rituals, but they just want to live in peace and harmony forever and ever. Steve decided to stay at the house, they locked him in the bedroom.

Larry and I spent the night at the Greenway Lair.

There is Thyme in the breakfast that they give to Steve. Apparently he loses the ability to shapeshift if he eats Thyme. They show Steve a bunch of pro-Demon, anti-Angel propaganda. They are trying to brainwash him into the cult. Steve agrees to stay a couple more days, and tries to eat around the contaminated steak at dinner. After they lock him in his room again, he tries to shift but can’t quite.

After dark, Larry and Marcus headed in to the house. About 1/4 mile out, they ran into an oversized wolf shifter that didn’t show up on IR. It howled while Marcus and Larry discussed how they were going to prevent it reporting back. Larry kicked it in the head, and Marcus decapitated it. It turned into a 23 year old male human.

When they got to the house, Larry climbed up and pulled the barred windows out of the bedroom wall to let Steve out. As soon as they got back to the ground, 6 people ran out of the house and turned into giant wolf-things. At that moment, a pink ball of fire appeared near us and Det. Fredericks fell out of it cursing. Marcus was badly bitten twice. He was in trouble. Larry killed two with a knife through the base of the skull, Steve broke the neck of an attractive young woman, Marcus gutted another, Fredericks killed Elaine with a bullet to the head, my tank shot the last one in the head.

I called 911 to get medical attention for the badly bleeding Marcus and Fredericks. I started the house on fire as the guys started pitching bodies into the house.



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